In this page the international events of the past as well as the domestic events with English communication are listed. Some references are in Hungarian only. Several events have been reported at the "chronicle" chapter, mainly in Hungarian version..


2006 January 30-31, Kistelek
"Geothermics and Enviromental Industry, 21st Century" conference and exhibition 


2006 March 2, 11h, ELTE campus, South bdg, Kitaibel (0-823) hall

Alain-Yves Huc (IFP): "Geological History of CO2, Carbon Cycle and Natural Sequestration of CO2"

EAGE Student Lecture Tour

 see invitation, author CV, lecture abstract..



2006 March 20-21, Miskolc
Inversion Meeting



2006 March 31 - April 1 , Balatonkenese



April 2 - 6,   Seattle, USA
SAGEEP 19. annual meeting  (organised by  EEGS )


June 12 - 15, Vienna, Austria  
EAGE, 68. Annual Meeting and Exhibition


2006 June 16 - 17, Tihany - Lake Balaton
the golden jubilee meeting of the Tihany Observatory 

   invitation and pictorial pdf form



2006 October 26, Budapest, ELGI auditory  
meeting of EAGE local chapter

(3 presentations from the EAGE Near Surface 2006/Helsinki, and  EAGE 2006/Vienna))


Saint Petersburg

 October 15 - 18, St. Petersburg, Russia
EAGE/EAGO/SEG international meeting and exhibition


2006 November 6, ELGI auditory (celebrating the Hungarian sciences): presentation of Dr. Ron M. Clowes on the Canadian LITHOPROBE project



2006 November 13, Lecture Hall, Academy of Sciences (celebrating the Hungarian sciences):

"125th Anniversary of Seismology in Hungary", a festive meeting

invitation, programme


2006 November 16, Budapest, ELGI auditory
 meeting of EAGE local chapter

(5 presentations from the EAGE Near Surface 2006/Helsinki, and  EAGE 2006/Vienna)



2007 February  6 - 7, Kistelek, Hotel Aqua
 3. Kistelek Geothermal Conference

see the announcement


 2007 February 23, MOL Plc Panorama Hall,  SEG Distinguished Lecture Tour:
Leonard J. Šrnka:  Illuminating Reservoirs w. Electromagnetics

See invitation,  abstract.   See also:  SEG homepage (abstract , personal introduction).



2007 February  27-28, Zagreb University, Zagreb, Croatia
Carbon Capture and Storage – Response to Climate Change

Regional Workshop for CE and EE Countries

see the first circular


2007 March29 - April 1, Buziásfürdő, Romania
Ninth Conference of Mining, Metallurgy, and Geology
organised by EMT - Hungarian Technical-scientific Society in Transsylvania

 see the first circular etc.


2007 March 30-31, Bakonybél, Hungary
37th Convent of Young Geoscientists
 see the own webpages of the event

first circular;   registration


2007 April 19 - 20,  Amsterdam, the Netherlands
11th  international conference  "Petroleum Data Integration, Information and Data Management"

see the  circular  and  registration.  See also:  http://pnecconferencescom/amsterdam.aspx  


2007 June  10 - 14, London, Great Britain
EAGE, 69th   Annual Meeting and Exhibition





28th February,  Budapest, ELGI conference hall

100 years of the Eötvös Loránd Geophysical Institute

Festive meeting on the ELGI's international activity (language: English)

further readings (in Hungarian now)


3 - 6 March, Freiberg, Germany

68th Annual Meeting of the Deutsche Geophysikalische Gesellschaft
(German Geophysical Society)


 25 -28 March, Kiew, Ucraine

 Geoinformatics: Theoretical and Applied Aspects
(VII. international conference)

(first circular)


28 - 29 March, Baja, Hotel Duna
38. Meeting of Young Geoscientists

(see the own website of the meeting)


 13 - 18 April, Vienna, Austria:

  European Geosciences Union
  General Assembly 2008



17 - 20 April, Budapest, Museum of Natural Sciences
Introducing the Geosciences
(an event for the International Year of Planet Earth)

(see the website)


 28-29 April, Miskolc, Hungary:

  Inversion Workshop (traditional)

(venue and programme in Hungarian)


7th May, Budapest, British Embassy

Carbon Capture and Storage Workshop

organised by the Embassy and the Geophysical Institute (ELGI)



9 - 12 June, Rome, Italy
EAGE, 70. annual meeting and exhibition


 20-24 August, Budapest, Lágymányos Campus of the Eötvös University of Sciences
HUNGEO - 9. Global Meeting of Hungarian Geoscientists

(English website )


15 - 17 September, Cracow, Poland:

EAGE, Near Surface 2008


29 - 30 September, Budapest, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

International Conference on CO2 Sequestration







 March 24 - 27, Kyiv, Ukrajna

Geoinformatics: theoretical and applied aspects

( 8th international meeting)



March  27 - 28, Keszthely, Hungary, Hotel Helikon

organised by the Geological Society of Hungary and the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists

Youth Geoscience Meeting

(invitation, first circular)


    April  2 - 5, Sigeth/Máramarossziget, Romania

     organised by the Erdélyi Magyar Műszaki Tudományos Társaság (EMT, Hungarian Society of Technics and Science in Transsylvania)

     XI. Meeting of Mining, Metallurgy, and Geology


  April 19-24, Vienna,  Austria
EGU - European Geoscience Union, General Assembly


  April 24, Budapest, ELGI conference room

  General Assembly of the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists


 April 27 - 29, Paris, France
IOR 15: 15th European Meeting 


 May 10 - 16, Belgrade, Serbia

"Geophysics at Crossroad"                                             

Balkan Geophysical Society - 5. Congress

 invitation  and information


 June 8 - 11, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
EAGE, 71. Annual Meeting and Exhibition


  June 14 - 19, Albena, Bulgaria
SGEM-2009    9. international geoscience meeting




 14 - 19 August, Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem, Szombathely, Hungary

 HUNGEO 2010: Tenth Meeting of Hungarian Geoscientists


1. circ.



 6 - 8 September,  Zürich, Switzerland

 EAGE Near Surface 2010



  23 - 26 September,  Thessaloniki, Greece

 19. Congress of Carpat/Balkan Associations of Geology  (CBGA 2010)




19 -22 September, Firenze, Italy

 Society of Petroleum Engineers
 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition



 17 - 21 October, Denver, Colorado, USA
SEG, 80. Annual Meeting and Technical Exhibition






  August 23 - 30,  Sopron, Hungary 

IAGA 11th Scientific Assembly

  (see the meeting website)


  Sept  7 -  9, Dublin, Ireland
EAGE Near Surface



  Sept  24 - 26, Pécs, Hungary

  Annual Meeting of the Association of Hungarian Geopysicists

  co-organisers: Geological Society of Hungary, etc

see the Meeting portal



  October  5 -6, Baku, Azerbaijan
"New Directions in Geosciences"

  3. International Conference of Young Scientists and Students



October 4 - 7, 2011,  Budapest

Sixth Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society 


visit the event website: 




 Március 3-8, Hamburg, Germany

 DGG 72 - annual meeting of the DGG


 Március 20 - 22, Vienna, Austria

 SPE/EAGE - European Unconventional Conference/Exhibition


 Március 30 - 31, Tatabánya, Hotel Árpád, Hungary

 Meeting of Young Geoscientists

organised jointly by the MFT and the Association

    website:  http://         meghívó 


 Április 2 - 5, Saint Petersburg, Russia

 EAGE Saint Petersburg 2012


 Április 17-19, Isolo de San Servolo sziget, Venice, Italy

 7th CO2 GeoNet Open Forum


 Április 27, 14 h, ELGI meeting room, Budapest

 Annual Meeting of the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists

 Invitation and preliminary programme


  Május 17,  ELGI meeting room, Budapest (preliminary)

 SEG Distinguished Lecture Tour

   Doug Oldenburg (University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

   Imaging the Earth's near surface: The why and how of applied geophysics for the 21st century

introducing the lecture and the lecturer




 Május 19,  Savaria University Centre, Szombathely, Hungary


 International conference, organised by several scientific/academician entities of Western Hungary

invitation, information


 Május 23 - 25, Opatija, Croatia

 XV. Geomathematician Meeting

details: :  and (aktualitások)


 Június 4 - 7, Copenhagen, Denmark

 EAGE Copenhagen 2012 (annual meeting and exhibition)