The Zala Chapter of the
Association of Hungarian Geophysicists


This region, Western Transdanubia, that is, Zala and Somogy counties can be considered as the cradle of Hungarian oil industry 70 years ago. The Zala Chapter of the Association of Hungarian Geophysicists was founded on 23rd of April 1959 by 11 members, aiming to unite all geophysical experts of the area. At that time the geophysical operations were restricted to well logging exclusively so the membership was made up of well logging engineers and technicians. Until today we have several active members from the founding members. The Chapter’s recent activity is tightly connected to well logging and oil industry but we have members from other areas of geosciences also.

Zala Chapter of the
Association of Hungarian Geophysicists

Postal address:
H-8800 Nagykanizsa, Múzeum tér 2.

Tel.: +36-93-508-173
Fax: +36-93-508-264


In the early times the Chapter had pioneer role in the training and promotion of geophysics since foreign literature was accessible only for few people. Several course books and textbook were compiled by the group's members. Later the focus of professional activity was gradually transferred onto scientific lectures and conferences’. In the hey-day the chapter hosted 2-3 events yearly partly due to the fact that a considerable part of SPWLA Budapest Chapter membership and management were also members of the Zala Chapter. Following the turn of millennium we organize the Nagykanizsa Earth Science Conference every November. Today this is not only regional but also a nation-wide program.


The first electric log in Hungary, 1935

First proof of the Chapter activity:
a textbook in Hungarian

Since the group’s existence three annual meetings of Association of Hungarian Geophysicists  have been organized by the Chapter, the most recent in 2006


The main goals of the Zala Chapter are holding together and representing the interest of geoscientists of the region; the cultivating of the oil industry related geophysical heritage; the promotion of geosciences and fostering the development of young professionals. We have tight connections with other earth science groups in the region primarily the Mecsek Chapter of Association of Hungarian Geophysicists and South-Transdanubian Chapter of Hungarian Geological Society and also with the outstanding Hungarian Museum of Oil Industry in Zalaegerszeg with whom we work together regularly in the organization of our programs.