On 27th April  1954 the Association was founded by  about 200 scientists from a number of different fields, but mainly geophysicists, geologists, hydrologists, surveyors, mathematicians, physicists and meteorologists.

The Association's mission was  formulated that time as follows: "to put the science of geophysics into service of the interest of increasing our people's and country's well-being, as well as developing geophysics through the meetings and papers..."

The Association of Hungarian Geophysicists represents experts of various fields of geophysics and related sciences; and promotes the professional interests of its members. It stages presentations, seminars, conferences (e.g. an assembly held each year at different sites, the annual meeting of young geophysicists and geologists) and discussions; issues the professional journal "Magyar Geofizika"  (Hungarian Geophysics), organizes contests to solve technical and scientific problems; elaborates expert opinions; accepts commissions; cooperates with technical and scientific associations and other organizations, and with geophysical departments of universities at home and abroad; it presents awards for outstanding work and establishes foundations.

Looking back to the last 50 years, please read the golden jubilee address of the President.  A sum of the Association's history (and international relations) was written several years ago as well. 

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